The course addresses the basics for formulating and developing elegant and functional cosmetic products. The course is a great steppingstone towards exploring the vast world of cosmetics.

This introductory course presents participants with an overview of the theory and rationale behind designing cosmetic preparations. It covers skin structure and skin needs, functional raw material, formulation development, and regulations. Additionally, the course covers three major examples of cosmetic products: moisturizers, sunscreens and some make-up products. 

Who should attend this course?

Individuals interested in cosmetic science in general. This course will help you understand the theory and practices involved in creating various cosmetic products. Also, this course serves as a launching pad for people intending to specialize or pursue careers in cosmetic formulation, development, and/or manufacturing.

What are the key benefits?

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the science and rationale behind cosmetic preparations.

  • Identify ingredients responsible for the action of cosmetic products.

  • Recognize rules and regulations governing the cosmetic industry.

  • Apply the knowledge into designing cosmetic products.


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Senior Development Scientist

Saleh Allababidi, Ph.D.

Dr. Allababidi is an experienced pharmaceutical professional with +20 years of industrial and academic roles both locally and internationally. He has expertise in formulation development and manufacturing of various dosage forms, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmetics. Dr. Allababidi is a registered pharmacist and he held different positions in the pharmaceutical continuum (retail and hospital pharmacies, formulation R&D, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, CMOs, CROs, and academia). Currently, he is teaching cGMP, Cosmetics, Compounding and Formulation courses at the URI College of Pharmacy and working as Senior Development Scientist with the Pharmaceutical Development Institute at the University of Rhode Island.

How do you want to learn?

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  • Fully Online

    Through this online learning platform.

  • Onsite

    Lecture & Lab at our facility in Kingston, RI.

Fully Online

Learn at your own pace in your own place

This fully online course is delivered through this learning platform by a combination of video presentations, readings and quizzes. A full outline of the self-paced content can be found at the bottom of this page.

A certificate of completion will be issued by the PDI when all components of the course are completed.

There is approximately 5 hours of content in this course.  


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The purchase must be made within 12 months of completing the online course.

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Learn hands in our teaching labs

This onsite course is delivered through a combination of a classroom presentation and hands on activities. 

Preparation for the onsite learning is provided through the same self-paced content provided in our fully online course. Completion of this component of this course is necessary to participate in the onsite component. A full outline of the self-paced curriculum can be found at the bottom of this page.

A certificate of completion will be issued by the PDI when all components of the course are completed.

The onsite component of this course lasts for 5 hours, 3 of which are spent in the our labs.

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Self-Paced Content

Content Outline

  • 1

    Before you begin

    • How to use our platform

  • 2

    Course overview

    • Introduction

    • Instructor: Saleh Allababidi, Ph.D.

    • What will this course provide?

    • After this course you will

    • Resources

    • Course Hand Out

  • 3

    Module 1: Foundations

    • Part 1: Definitions

    • Part 2: Basic Steps

    • Part 3: Skin

    • Foundations Quiz

  • 4

    Module 2: Formulation

    • Part 1: Key Ingredients

    • Part 2: Product Development

    • Part 3: Regulation

    • Formulation Quiz

  • 5

    Module 3: Examples

    • Part 1: Moisturizers

    • Part 2: Sunscreens

    • Part 3: Decorative

    • Examples Quiz